Big Band Guest Soloist

If you are a amature big band and are looking for a special event for your members to enjoy and also learn, we are offering a rehearsal and concert with Simon as the featured soloist. We will supply the charts and Simon will front the band in the concert. The rehearsal side of the event doesn't have to be on the day of the concert, and Simon will help with all aspects of the performance including, section work, feel and solos. The music is a mixture of adapted standard big band charts and special arrangements and compositions by Simon, which can be kept and used by the band in the future.

Rehearsal, concert and music-Price £325 

The suggested running order of the concert is 2x50 minute sets, of which the band does the first half an hour on its own, Simon will join the band for the last 20 minutes of the first set, and all of the second. The concert needs to be promoted and organised by the band and Simon will provide the charts for his part.

The rehearsal will be 3 hours with breaks, and would be best on a different day.

This video gives you an idea of the music and the performance of the evening.

Below are some excerpts from a concert Simon did with Newbury's Apollo big band